Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company accredited by NAPBS? If so, when was the accreditation achieved?

Yes, EmployeeScreenIQ is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and achieved this distinction in the Fall of 2010. Only 2% of all screening companies are accredited by NAPBS and we’re proud to have this prestigious credential. NAPBS accreditation and validates our commitment to compliance, quality and reliability with and our adherence to the highest industry standards.

To become accredited, background screening firms must pass a rigorous desk audit (review of all the background screening firm’s procedures and policies) and an onsite audit conducted by an independent auditor. Critical areas of accreditation include:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Consumer Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Organizational Integrity and Ethics
  • Ability to Train and Educate Clients
  • Accuracy and Depth of Products

Accreditation ensures our company processes and procedures are compliant with industry best practices and we take proper precautions to protect confidential applicant data from loss or misuse.

Are databases used in criminal record searches? If so, how are they used?

EmployeeScreenIQ offers database searches as a complement to a thorough county criminal history search. We encourage our clients to add this service as a means to identify convictions that might have occurred in counties where the person may not have resided. Those who take advantage of our database services find 19% more records than those who do not. Please note that our Public Records Department reviews each criminal record before it is reported to the client. All such records are validated by county research for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance.

How do I submit my candidate’s information for processing?

Users may order background checks from EmployeeScreenIQ utilizing the following methods:

  • On-Line Ordering via MyEmployeeScreen
  • Integration with Talent Management Systems
  • Candidate Management Center
  • Batch Orders via CSV or XLS Data Merge
  • FTP Upload

How long does it take you to complete a background check?

EmployeeScreenIQ consistently delivers the highest quality background screening services with the industry’s best turnaround times without cutting corners for our clients. Because of our industry best practices, client relations management training and efficient screening workflow processes, you can be assured that your critical hiring decisions will be made on average in 60 hours (less than 3 days) or less, excluding weekends and holidays.

For any background report that is not complete within three business days, we will reach out to you personally on the fourth business day and let you know what exactly is outstanding, why, and when we expect it to be completed. We are able to offer this level of customer service precisely because we maintain industry leading turnaround times on the vast majority of the screening services we provide.

How does your company communicate delays in particular areas of the country?

EmployeeScreenIQ continually monitors each part of the background screening process to ensure critical-path urgency on all searches. However, isolated situations can and do arise due to external factors outside our control. Examples include but are not limited to: backlogs in clerk-run county court systems, weather delays, state and national holidays, employers or educational institutions with personnel shortages, etc.

These situations cannot always be predicted, but when they occur we communicate quickly and frequently with our customers. We use our website, notes in the individual background check that can be viewed on the website, personal phone calls, e-mails and other resources. These communication channels can be about a specific candidate or a specific situation that affects multiple candidates. We provide information on individual candidates and outline specific parts of the searches that are finished, those that are not, and expected completion times. While delays in this business are at times unavoidable due to outside influences, the way we handle, respond and communicate back to our customers are not.

While we cannot provide 100% guarantees on turnaround times because of circumstances beyond our control, we gladly offer a money back guarantee for any search our clients felt wasn’t performed to the highest quality standards they’ve come to expect.

For any background report that is not complete within three business days, we will reach out to you personally on the fourth business day and let you know what exactly is outstanding, why, and when we expect it to be completed. We are able to offer this level of customer service precisely because we maintain industry leading turnaround times on the vast majority of all background screening searches we conduct.

Is your company Safe Harbor certified?

EmployeeScreenIQ is Safe Harbor certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce; we protect confidential information across international borders. This certification program aims to align data privacy practices in trading between the U.S. and the privacy controls of the European Directive on the protection of personal data. All searches are performed in accordance with the European Union and Global Information Exchange privacy rights and all personal identifiable information (PII) is encrypted as it is transmitted as well as stored on our secure servers within the United States.

Does your company have a compliance department?

EmployeeScreenIQ has an in-house Compliance Department that is managed by our Vice President of Compliance and General Counsel, Angela Bosworth. Angela has over twenty years of experience as a licensed attorney and over ten years in the background screening industry.  Her extensive experience includes expertise in employment law, governmental affairs, compliance best practices, and policy initiatives. She is actively involved in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a member of ASIS, and is a member of the Ohio State and Columbus Bar Associations.

Angela is responsible for leading corporate compliance initiatives that position the organization and our clients for future growth and continued success. Angela is also responsible for developing and improving existing compliance programs that benefit our clients and foster an innovative mindset in the constant pursuit of achieving results.

How do you handle additional names or aliases? Is there an additional charge for researching that information?

Checking additional names is important because nearly all courts file their records based on the person’s name at the time the offense occurred. We use the Social Security Number Trace to select alias names, processing each name through a 13-step checklist.  The checklist reflects EmployeeScreenIQ’s intent to find each and every criminal record for our clients. For example, if a client orders a background check for J. William Kennedy, our Applicant Processing team will investigate what “J” stands for. This is an important step, because absent of this information, the criminal record search could be flawed from the start. If a client orders a background check under the name Mark William Johnson but the SSN Trace directs us to also run William Mark Johnson, we will. We know through extensive research, serious records are missed by not adhering to our guidelines. County criminal searches are charged on a per name/per county basis.

What types of management reports do you offer?

EmployeeScreenIQ can provide you a number of standard reports on a monthly basis. Examples of standardized reports include hit ratio, hit ratio by position, cost of background check per applicant, and turnaround time. As your requirements evolve, so too might your requests for various data. Therefore, we also have the flexibility to create customized reports needed to assess and analyze a particular screening program or subset thereof. In either case, we do not charge for these reports. You will also have the option to request reports to be posted through your My EmployeeScreen account or sent via email and are usually available within hours.

What does the physical inspection consist of?

Since July 2003, the credit bureaus have mandated that all CRAs must physically inspect all client locations that will utilize Consumer Reports. For multi-site organizations that screen employees on a decentralized basis, or local levels, this means each facility that receives, maintains, or houses consumer reports must be inspected. CRAs originally had the discretion to decide whether to conduct this inspection on their own, or hire a third party service to conduct it. In October 2005, the credit bureaus removed this discretion; now all CRAs must use one of a select few organizations, approved by the credit bureaus, to conduct these physical site inspections.

The inspection itself is a straightforward process. It simply represents validation that the organization setting up the account is a legitimate business entity with a permissible use for Consumer Report information, and that it is reasonably apparent that the information will be used for employment decisions. At the present time, there is no existing technology that could be used to automate this process. The mere existence of a business might be reasonably established by researching the internet. However, that does nothing to stem one of the most notorious causes of identity theft: criminals attempting to set up an account with a CRA by fraudulently claiming to represent a legitimate business when they in fact have no connection to that business. The inspection serves to validate the existence and physical location of the business, that the individual(s) setting up the account intends to obtain Consumer Reports for employment purposes, and that reasonable security is present at the facility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of consumer information.

Information contained in Consumer Reports is personal in nature and could be used for many purposes that are not permissible or legal under the FCRA. Examples include loan decisions by predatory lenders who have been barred access to credit information or identity theft by criminals who are able to gain access to consumer information. The intent, obviously, is to provide an additional measure of security and protection to consumers such that their personally identifying information will not be used for illegitimate purposes.

As a Consumer Reporting Agency EmployeeScreenIQ holds no responsibility higher than that of representing our clients as professionally as possible, and protecting the privacy of the individuals we obtain information on in the course of that representation. Observing the strict letter of the myriad federal and state laws nationwide, as well as non-legislative industry mandates provides unsurpassed risk management for our entire client base and ensures any job applicant screened by EmployeeScreenIQ receives the full rights and recourse allowed under the law, and then some.

We contract these inspections through Global Compliance Services (GCS) once you have completed our User Agreement. GCS will contact you to schedule the inspection for a time that is convenient for you. The inspection typically takes 10-15 minutes.