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  • We're growing, growing, growing. So if you're looking for a new full time career with great benefits and potential for upward mobility, look no more.
  • Don't want to work evenings or weekends? No problem. This is definitely a 9-5 gig which allows you to actually have a life outside of work.
  • We pay you to have lunch! Lunch time and daily breaks are not deducted from your salary. You work hard. Why not reap the benefits?
  • Sweat the details with a smile and reap the rewards! Our employees are rewarded for getting it right and delivering superior client service.
  • Interested in helping others? EmployeeScreenIQ and our team members are motivated to be charitable.
  • We know how to play. Work doesn't have to be boring and we offer a lot of activities from ping-pong to company picnics to summer ice-cream truck appearances and outings to Cavs and Indians games.
  • We can't save the world, but we try. EmployeeScreenIQ recycles over 4000 lbs. per year which equates to 45 trees!
  • And don't worry about a revolving door of management. The EmployeeScreenIQ executive leadership team hasn't changed since we opened the doors in 1999.

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EmployeeScreenIQ is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of religious creed, sex, national origin, race, disability, age, marital status, color or sexual orientation.


NAPBSEmployeescreenIQ is a founding member of the NAPBS and has earned distinction of an NAPBS Accredited organization based on our proven record and demonstration of excellence, quality and service.

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