Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Background Checks Amped Up at Canadian Ports

Some Canadian officials are upping their security measures - including implementing background checks - for employees. Click here to read more about background checks.

A new deal between the federal Department of Transport and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is aimed at eliminating organized crime operatives from restricted areas and improving security for passengers and cargo traveling throughout Canada.

The new agreement should improve information sharing between the DOT and RCMP. It also will allow the RCMP to conduct detailed background checks on employees applying for new security passes or renewals, according to an article by the Delta Optimist.

The measures will allow the RCMP to run names of employees seeking security passes in restricted areas through 10 different databases, which include information about complaints, victims, suspects and other criminal intelligence. Also as part of the background checks, authorities will have access to an Interpol database with police information from 187 member countries.

Transport Canada issues about 45,000 security passes a year to new applicants and existing employees seeking a renewal of their five-year passes.

About 100,000 workers throughout Canada could be effected by the new measures, including thousands of workers at Deltaport. At Port Metro Vancouver, port authority already has security background checks in place for container ports and areas of international trade. That port accounts for 3,300 jobs in Delta; 5,600 jobs on the North Shore and more than 20,000 jobs in Vancouver.

Federal Transport Minister John Baird agreed to have the deal signed last month after Auditor General Sheila Fraser warned that members of organized crime were infiltrating ports because of poor communication.



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