Quick Takes is an original video series that reveals an insider's perspective of the latest issues in the background screening industry.

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EmployeeScreenIQ is an industry leading global employment screening resource providing clients with the information they need to make smart hiring decisions through the use of background checks and substance abuse screening.

We offer an unparalleled user experience at the most competitive rates and deliver the best overall value based on your unique needs. We are more than just a data provider. Our best practices approach allows for maximum accuracy and efficiency using the latest technologies. We use our very own EmployeeScreen University to educate our clients and the marketplace in general on issues related to compliance and legislation that affect the use of employment background checks.

EmployeeScreenIQ employs in-house verifications and criminal research staff and maintains a nationwide network of over 3,500 professional court researchers as well as a syndicate of thousands of Patient Service Centers for substance abuse screening. EmployeeScreenIQ serves an impressive roster of client/partners worldwide encompassing all industry segments. These clients range from Fortune 100 organizations screening several thousand people per month to small businesses with occasional screening needs.

We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace through the following deliverables:

Did you know?

  • EmployeeScreenIQ finds that 28% of all candidates we screen have some type of criminal record, which is more than double what is publicly reported by our competitors
  • EmployeeScreenIQ researchers are held to the highest standards for accuracy and depth of information provided and only 30% of researchers who apply to work with us qualify
  • EmployeeScreenIQ's dispute rate for all counties searched is just 0.02% or 1 out of 4100
  • EmployeeScreenIQ's intensive research procedures yield a 52% discrepancy rate between what a candidate claims and what we find from their academic institutions and past employers, which is nearly 30% more than our competitors
  • EmployeeScreenIQ has a 99.5% customer retention rate
  • EmployeeScreenIQ is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)? This distinction is shared by less than 2% of all background screening companies

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NAPBSEmployeescreenIQ is a founding member of the NAPBS and has earned distinction of an NAPBS Accredited organization based on our proven record and demonstration of excellence, quality and service.

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Quick Takes Video


An original series that reveals an insider's perspective of the latest issues in the background screening industry.

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